Friday, January 4, 2008

Pet Peeves

1) People who make excessive, needless noise. Why do you sigh repeatedly? Why do you clear your throat 5 or 6 times in a 2 minute period? Do you talk just to hear your own voice? WHY??! I don't know! What I DO know, however, is that it makes me want slap you upside the head.

2) Being bothered while I'm doing something. Do I look busy? Did I answer you the first 3 times you tried talking to me? If I did not acknowledge you, chances are, I am not going to. Stop taking it personally, and leave me the hell alone. I'm concentrating, dammit!

3) Waking the sleeping bear. Did I get home at 3-4AM again, honey? Then why are you waking me at 10AM on my day off? If I'm not up of my own accord, I'm probably still drunk. If that is the case, you would do better to avoid a fight and make your own damn breakfast. This peeve also includes people calling me after I've gone to bed. I know that most nights, I'm awake and ready to take your call, but when you call me at 10:30PM and I happen to actually be IN my bed, I will NOT leave it to check your email for you, no matter how close we are.

4) Toilet talk. Are you so stuck to your cell phone that you just MUST talk to someone while on the crapper in a public restroom? Can't you tell them to give you 5 minutes and then call back? Why are you conducting business whilst doing your business? I've heard of multi-tasking, but this is just plain GROSS. I've been on the other end of it (in a manner of speaking), when I was a telemarketer. Nothing was worse than talking to so-and-so about their account something-or-rather and then hear the toilet flush. Thank you, John Q. Public. Thanks a lot. Why has no one any manners? I'm all for minding your Ps and Qs, but this is just ridiculous.

As it's going, this whole entry is becoming a pet peeve, so I'm going to post it and go do something else to take my mind off it.